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MarkView - FIX1240 - Resolves a database contention issue due to unindexed foreign keys

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This patch fixes the following bug:
    * COD1240 addresses SPR00080438 Un-indexed foreign keys causing database contention

Applies To

This fix is based on:

  • Kofax MarkView Accounts Payable
  • Kofax MarkView Accounts Payable
  • Kofax MarkView Accounts Payable 7.0.1.x

    For general requirements about the Kofax MarkView system, see the version of "Planning to Install the Kofax MarkView System."

Note: This script can be applied to any MarkView,, or 7.0.1.x environment where x represents any released fixpack.

As always, customers should follow industry-standard best practices when applying changes to their environment.

Some guidelines from Kofax are provided here:

Keywords: database contention