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MarkView 6.5.X for Oracle Patchset / Hotfixes

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Customers running MarkView 6.5 for Oracle should apply the following Hotfixes in the order of release date:

MarkView 6.5 For Oracle

Note-Icon.png Note: There is an issue with COD0247 causing errors in Express. Please raise an incident with Technical Support, and reference SPR00084772, before applying this hotfix in order to ensure the issue is avoided.

Advisor 6.5 For Oracle

File Capture 6.5

  • 4/21/2010 - Kofax MarkView Document Server HotFix - Item sent from file capture into MarkView is showing rendering error - Superseded by FR0376
  • 10/20/2010 - FIX0376R1 - SPR00083232 - Request FileCapture support for SSL on IMAP, POP3 connections to mail server.
  • 3/09/2011 - FIX0633 - SPR00078875 - Outbound email is not able to be sent through MVFC
  • 9/1/2011 - FIX1074 - 'PDF's not properly recognized by MarkView Email Import'.
  • 1/13/2012 - MarkView FileCapture - FIX1317 - Resolves an issue with requiring authentication for outbound email (Supercedes FIX1074)

As always, customers should follow industry-standard best practices when applying changes to their environment.

Some guidelines from Kofax are provided here:

Kofax MarkView Recommendations for Applying Patches.

HotFixes are only released against the current Patchset, and are not backported to prior Patchsets, as the Patchsets are cumulative, and do not include functional changes (only bug fixes).

Keywords: Updated: MAR 07 - Correction to Fix 1040 and 691