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MarkView ACD - Resolve "Cannot derive Oracle Applications responsibility for MarkView user JSMITH" error



Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle
  • MarkView Version: All MarkView Versions


  • Following error is seen in the Viewer:
        Cannot derive Oracle Applications responsibility for MarkView user xxxxxx

Known Causes

  • In MarkView 6.x and 7.x, the Accounting Details Markup (ACD) is used to enter code combinations for invoice lines into Oracle. In order for this markup to work, it needs to establish a session to Oracle Apps, using credentials for a specific Apps user. The ACD can use either a static User ID or it can derive the Apps user based on the MarkView User ID of the user that is using the ACD. The MVERP_DFM_CUSTOM package body determines how the Apps User ID is derived, using the DERIVEERPUSERDATA procedure.
    In MarkView 5.x a similar markup called the Distribution Form Markup (DFM) is used, and the package that determines what User ID should be used is called MVOA_DFM_CUSTOM, which uses the DeriveAppsUserData procedure.
    Regardless of how the user is derived, Oracle's GL Security Rules for that Apps user will be used to ensure the ACD/DFM has the correct privileges. This user must be assigned the appropriate Responsibility in Apps, and the MVERP_DFM_CUSTOM package must derive the correct Application and Responsibility for that User.
    If the "Cannot derive Oracle Applications responsibility for MarkView user xxxxxx" error occurs in the Viewer this is likely due to a misconfiguration of the DFM Apps user.


  • Check that the Apps User that is used by the ACD/DFM has not been end-dated, and has the appropriate Oracle Financials responsibility.

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