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MarkView BarCode Server - OIP-04126: Invalid argument value encountered while retrieving next request

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: All


When running MarkView Bar Code Server version 5.5 and higher, some sites have encountered the following error:

Run-time Error:

Proc: GWCompleteBarCodeRequest
Error: -2147467259
Description: OIP-04126: Invalid argument value

How can this problem be revolved?

Known Causes

The error message 'OIP-04126: Invalid argument value' has been raised from the MarkView BarCode server when attempting to process a document image which contains non-MarkView generated barcode. The MarkView BarCode server by default is set to recognize type 128 barcodes. This error message has been raised when a non-MarkView type 128 barcode is present on a document image the MarkView BarCode server is attempting to process.


  • To resolve this issue please conduct the following steps.
    1. Identify the request_id the MarkView BarCode server is unable to process with the 'OIP-04126: Invalid argument value' error message. Please review the event viewer of the machine which the MarkView BarCode server is installed upon.
  • Locate the entry which has been marked as an error type message and contains the following text:

Proc: GWCompleteBarCodeRequest
Error: -2147467259
Description: OIP-04126: Invalid argument value.

  • The next entry in the event viewer file will contain the request_id of the MarkView BarCode server request in question.
    1. With the request_id obtained from the event viewer, launch MarkView Home and navigate to the Support Diagnostic Tools.
  • Select the BarCode Request Admin menu item.
  • The next ten pending MarkView BarCode requests will be listed. If the request_id from the event viewer is listed in the pending BarCode Requests list, please select the cancel button for the request_id. This will cancel the request_id in question and allow the other pending MarkView Bar Code requests to process
  • If the request_id in question is not displayed, please open a Support Web Incident with the event viewer log file.

Keywords: OIP-04126, GWCompleteBarCodeRequest