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Adobe announcing Flash End of Life and its impact on MarkView 9.x and below



Adobe has announced the end of life of Adobe Flash effective end of 2020.  In turn Google, Microsoft and Mozilla have announced that their browsers (Chrome, IE, and Firefox) will no longer support Flash at the end of 2020.  All versions of MarkView below version 10.x are dependent on Flash and will be significantly impacted when browsers stop supporting Flash.  Customers who are currently running any version of MarkView below version 10.x are advised to upgrade to MarkView version 10.x prior to Flash support ending.

MarkView 10.x has no dependency on Flash. Details on the features of MarkView 10 including is new HTML5 based updated UI are available here.

MarkView 10 Downloads are available here.

MarkView 10 Documentation is available here.


Update: 6/21/2019: Flash Browser Information below (source: here)  


Applies to:  
Product Version Category
MarkView 9.X and below MarkView Viewer


Author:  Aidan Sullivan - Draft based on text provided by Product Management (Haresh Assumal)

Published: 3/26/2019

Updated: 6/21/2019 - Browser Info Added