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Does Markview for Oracle Support JWS(Java Web Start)


Question / Problem: 

Does MarkView for support Oracle JWS (Java Web Start)?

When we have tried to implement Oracle Java Web Start, we have discovered that every time we retrieve a new MarkView document in the Invoice Workbench via Get Next, it opens in a new window, rather than reusing the existing MarkView document window. Why is this?

Answer / Solution: 

Kofax MarkView for Oracle has not been certified with Java Web Start, and its use is therefore not recommended.

Additionally, Oracle has documented a Bug/Limitation within its JWS functionality in this Oracle Support Note (Doc ID 2386335.1), where the API to open the document window no longer allows the calling function to control how the window opens. This Oracle JWS bug means there is no way for MarkView to control how the document window will open when JWS is being used, nor will it allow MarkView to re-use the existing document window.

If you proceed with the use of JWS, even though it is not certified with MarkView and has this documented Oracle bug, the recommendation would be for MarkView users to manually close the MarkView document window when they complete the processing of one invoice before retrieving/opening the next. This will prevent multiple MarkView document windows opening at the same time.

1/23/2020 - Kofax is working on an update to MarkView 10.1 that will overcome the Oracle bug noted in Oracle Support Note (Doc ID 2386335.1). For Chrome and Firefox the update will come in the form of a browser plug-in. This will be included in an upcoming Fix Pack for MarkView 10.1. Once the Fix Pack number and estimated release date is confirmed, we will be updating this article with the details.

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Kofax Markview for Oracle All Versions