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How to Install Old Versions of Flash and Browsers for Viewing Images in MarkView 9 and older

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Question / Problem: 

With the end of life of Flash announcement, some customers may need to be able to view images in MarkView while working on upgrading to MarkView 10.2 (which does not use Flash). 

Answer / Solution: 

If you are able to utilize an older browser version that still supports Adobe Flash, then you may still be able to utilize the MarkView Viewer on versions <= 9.x.

To try using an older browser version, you can refer to the instructions available at the following link: 

(Note: SupplierExpress is a Kofax product and the instructions on this site apply to MarkView as well)


Additional Notes/Tips for Viewing Images:

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Ignore all prompts to update Firefox that may come up upon launching. 
  2. When Viewing from Process Monitor, on the first attempt to view an image, users may see the following:


3. Click the icon as shown below and click to Allow. Once you do that, you should be able to view images in the MarkView Viewer. 




Internet Explorer


Microsoft Edge


Google Chrome

  1. Users may be prompted to allow the older version of Flash to run when first launching the Viewer. 
  2. Users may also be prompted with "Adobe Flash Player was blocked because it is out of date". If this happens, users should click the 'Run this time' button:



Applies to:  

Product Version
MarkView for Oracle 7.x - 9.x
MarkView for SAP 8.x



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