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Installing MarkView with Oracle 19c Database

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Question / Problem: 

What steps do I need to follow when installing MarkView in an environment running Oracle 19c database? 

Answer / Solution: 

  • As of 02-SEP-2020, per the Technical Specification document for MarkView, MarkView supports only version 19.3+ of the Oracle database. 
  • In order to install MarkView with Oracle 19.3+, you have to follow the steps in the attached ReadMe.txt file for the KofaxMarkView- hotfix.
  • NOTE: These steps need to also be done when running the installer for re-integration with MarkView (example: partial install)


  • Perform the steps from attached ReadMe-KofaxMarkView- 'New installation of MarkView on Oracle RDBMS 19c' section, which includes an env_dependency_defns.xml file replacement and several other steps.
  • NOTE: If these steps aren't taken, you will encounter errors such as:

2022-07-19 07:59:58,710 ERROR com.markview.installer.InstallerType Dependency of type OracleTextDependency for the selected product(s) FAILED with the following exception: 
The version returned by the database does not have the right format. At least one dot expected

com.markview.installer.InstallerException: The version returned by the database does not have the right format. At least one dot expected
at com.markview.installer.resource.DatabaseResource.getMajorVersion(
at com.markview.installer.envdependency.DBBean$DbInfo.setVersions(
at com.markview.installer.envdependency.DBBean$DbInfo.<init>(
at com.markview.installer.envdependency.OracleTextBean$OracleTextInfo.getDbVersion(
at com.markview.installer.envdependency.OracleTextBean$OracleTextInfo.<init>(
at com.markview.installer.envdependency.OracleTextDependency.getDependencyInfo(
at com.markview.installer.envdependency.AbstractDependency.verify(
at com.markview.installer.InstallerType.verify(
at com.markview.installer.InstallerType.runInstaller(
at com.markview.installer.Installer.main(



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MarkView for Oracle



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