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Is Oracle 19c Database Supported with MarkView?


Question / Problem: 

Is the Oracle 19c database supported with MarkView? 

Answer / Solution: 

Update:  The Oracle Database 19c (19.x where x > 3) can now be supported in:

  • MarkView 10.0 once you apply the latest MarkView 10.0.0.x Fix Pack(You must be on at least
  • MarkView 10.1 once you apply the latest MarkView 10.1.0.x Fix Pack(You must be on at least
  • Note: MarkView 10.2 has supported the Oracle 19c database since it's initial release.  (19.x where x > 3)
  • KAMV 1.1.2 once you apply the latest KAMV 1.1.2.x Fix Pack. (You must be on at least KAMV

Please refer to the MarkView 10.1 and MarkView 10.0 Technical Specifications for additional details.

MarkView 10.1 Documentation.

MarkView 10.0 Documentation.

The Analytics for MarkView Technical Specification is available here:

KAMV 1.1.2 Documentation

Additionally, we recommend subscribing to the MarkView RSS Feed to receive push notifications about all MarkView product updates, including new versions, service packs and fix packs. 


NOTE: For customers planning to install MarkView with Oracle 19c, please read the following article for specific steps on how to perform the installation:


Applies to:  

Product Version
MarkView for Oracle 10.x



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