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ODAC and ODBC Information for MarkView Capture and Output Components

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Article # 3029219 - Page views: 181


Is there further information about Oracle Client (ODAC, ODP.NET, ODBC) in relation to MarkView C&O components including Mail Gateway, Barcode Server and Export Connector for MarkView? 


  • Always begin by reviewing the Technical Specification Guide for your MarkView version which will contain ODAC and Windows operating system requirements. 
    • MarkView Barcode Server and Mail Gateway use 32-bit OO4O "Oracle Objects for OLE Server" technology to connect to the Oracle database.
    • All other Capture and Output MarkView modules uses 32-bit ODP.NET technology.
  • ODBC Data Sources are used by Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation Modules. 


  • For Windows 2019 operating systems as a host server for C&O components (Mail Gateway, Barcode Server), install the 32bit Oracle Client 19.3 (per Oracle support requirements):
    • Orace recommends the 19c client for Windows 2016. 
    • It must be 32bit because Kofax applications are 32bit.
      • NOTE: MV requires 32bit ODAC regardless if using Windows 2019 64bit OS.
  • Install the 32bit Oracle Client 12c on Windows 2016 operating systems (per Oracle support requirements): 
    • Most customers use the 12.2 32bit client on Windows 2016
  • NOTE: Most customers do not co-locate KTM Server and Mail Gateway on the same machine.
  • KTM has specific bitness requirements (see the Tech Spec document for MarkView) being 64bit, so if you do choose to co-locate, you'll need to install 32bit for Mail Gatway for example, and 64bit for KTM. 


MarkView for Oracle support of Oracle 19c database Fix Pack Requirements


  • NOTE: On machines where ODAC 11 is installed, the uninstaller for ODAC 11g does not remove a key from the registry, so customers who have ODAC 11 installed must keep that installed - otherwise the MarkView Mail Gateway or Barcode Server will not install a required oip11.dll. 
  • NOTE: The ODAC for Mail Gateway may need to be first in the PATH on the host server for Mail Gateway to recognize the correct ODAC to us
  • In some cases, after installation of the 19c Oracle Client (ODAC), the dll's may need to be registered with the GAC.
    • Mail Gateway may report " Error attempting to connect to database. ORA-12154: TNS could not resolve the connect identifier specifier " and Markview Barcode server may report " Error attempting to connect to database. (DbAccount='markview', DbHost='' ".
    • Don't forget to set the TNS_ADMIN environmental variable. 




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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
MarkView for Oracle 10.0+      


32bit Oracle 19c Client Download Link: 

NOTE: Oracle recommends downloading '' for 32bit applications and installing with "Administrative" option. 

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