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MarkView All Components - Configuring DayTick to Run On a Specific Schedule



Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: All


It is sometimes required to configure the DayTick job to run on a specific schedule.

DayTick can be configured by your database administrator (DBA) to run on a specific schedule of your choosing.

Know Causes

MarkView Administrators require to schedule the DayTick job.


Below is just one example for configuring DayTick to run on a schedule. In this example, DayTick is configured to run Monday- Friday at 2am:

In the MarkView schema, you can remove the existing job and test the following:

--2AM Mon-Fri
set serveroutput on size 100000
-- dbms_job.submit will use the following two variables: 
l_job_id number; -- an output parameter
l_job_code varchar2(2000); -- an input parameter begin
l_job_code := 
job => l_job_id, 
what => l_job_code,
Next_Date => trunc(sysdate) + 2/24,
Interval => 'trunc(least(next_day(sysdate, ''Monday''), 
next_day(sysdate, ''Tuesday''),
next_day(sysdate, ''Wednesday''), 
next_day(sysdate, ''Thursday''), 
next_day(sysdate, ''Friday''))) + (2/24)'
dbms_output.put_line('Day Tick Job ID: ' || l_job_id); 
Note: Be sure to issue a commit; after you run this code.

MarkView leverages Oracle's dbms_job functionality for the DayTick job. Consult with your DBA if you have specific questions or issues with Oracle's dbms_job functionality, and always perform tests in a Non-Production environment prior to making changes to Production.

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