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Are there special configuration settings for using MarkView with Microsoft Windows?



Are there special configuration settings for using MarkView with Microsoft Windows?

Several Windows features incorporated into the Windows OS from XP SP2 onwards may prevent MarkView from working properly.

When planning to run the MarkView system or MarkView Viewer on XP SP2, consider the following factors:

  • Firewall
  • Pop-Up Blocking
  • Unsigned Active-X Controls


Since XP SP2, Windows includes its own firewall, which may block benign communications between various parts of the MarkView system. The MarkView Viewer uses several different communication paths; you must configure Window firewall to permit this communication. In particular, you must configure the firewall to permit the following communication between the Viewer and other components:

  • The Viewer communicates with the Oracle Application Server DAD (Database Access Descriptor) via HTTP(S). (You can determine the server and port by looking at the MarkView WEBCLNT_HTTP_BASE_URL preference.)
  • The Viewer communicates with the MarkView Document Server through FTP or HTTP(S).
  • The Viewer communicates with the middle-tier MarkView Viewer Module. (You can determine the communication path by examining the Kofax WEBCLNT_APP_SVR_URL preference.

Pop-Up Blocking

Windows includes a default pop-up blocker that might prevent users from viewing images on the MarkView Viewer. Therefore, you might need to disable pop-up blocking.

The MarkView Viewer is initiated via a browser control window that is launched from either the Oracle Applications Forms Server or the server on which is installed the Oracle Application Server that connects to MarkView via a DAD. You must ensure that pop-ups are enabled on both of these servers.

The first time users attempt to see an image on the MarkView Viewer, they will probably be asked whether to allow javaw traffic through the firewall. Users should select YES.

Unsigned ActiveX Controls

Windows can prevent "unknown publisher" ActiveX controls from installing. This feature has no effect on the MarkView system. However, this feature might affect Oracle JInitiator; if it does, customers should contact Oracle.

Specifically, this affects the Jinitator ActiveX installer when logging into Oracle Apps. The installer will not be able to install due to restrictions on ActiveX installs for unknown publishers.

A workaround is to go into Tools-> Internet Options -> Security -> Custom and enabling download of unsigned Activex Controls. By default this may be disabled in Windows but again, customers should contact Oracle for more information and recommendations.

If you experience issues with viewing MarkView Documents after the initial document, please ensure that the following setting is enabled:

Tools-> Internet Options -> Security -->Custom -->Navigate sub-frames across different domains

Getting More Information From Oracle

Please review Oracle's extensive statements regarding the effect of Windows on Oracle products (including RDBMS and OC4J); specifically, review the following Oracle Metalink Notes:

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