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Is there any way to load PDF documents into Markview and create work items?



We have vendors that generate PDF documents of invoices and supporting documentation. Currently, the AP clerks receive the documents via email, prints them, puts a bar code cover page in the batch, and then scans the batch.

Can the PDF document from the vendors be automatically imported into MarkView as an image, so that a work item gets created for the PDF based on information provided?

Kofax has announced Kofax File Capture, which introduces functionality to accept MarkView documents from TIFF or PDF attachments to emails. MarkView File Capture will provide another way to be able to introduce documents into MarkView without the need for human intervention. MarkView File Capture will process the email with the attachment and immediately insert the document into the proper workflow.

For more information on this product, please contact your practice manager.

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