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MarkView Support Process - What to do if Technical Support does not meet the SLA for a Kofax incident; either during Office Hours or during Non-Business hours?

I am a MarkView consultant working on a project.

What do I do if MarkView Technical Support does not meet the SLA for my incident, including off-hours support?

If the SLA has not been met, and an initial response has not been provided within the expected time, you should contact Technical Support management, using any means below, including mobile phone numbers:
Name: Aidan Sullivan
Role: Sr. Manager, Technical Support
Office: 781.743.2153
Mobile: 617-710-7327

Name: Craig Markley
Role: Technical Support Team Lead - MarkView
Office: 781-743-2219
Mobile: 781-547-1706

Note: The Initial Response SLA for Critical Kofax MarkView incidents is one (1) hour.

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