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MarkView Installation Failed with Exception thrown while performing action DEPLOY to the application server

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When attempting to run the installer, the following error is seen in the installer_Debug.log file and the installation fails to run

The domain edit lock is owned by another session in non-exclusive mode. This deployment operation requires exclusive access to the edit lock and therefore cannot proceed. If using "Automatically Aquire Lock and Activate Changes" in the Administration Console, then the lock will expire shortly, so retry this operation



Another instance of the installation is running, or did not close properly



Make sure you have disabled check box “Automatically Acquire Lock and Activate Changes” in WLS Admin Console

log in to the console and go to the preferences page (the link is on the left of the search field).
Scroll down and check the field Automatically 'Acquire Lock and Activate Changes' at the button of the page.
don't forget to save the change and restart.


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Article # 3049718
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