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MarkView All Components - Technical Support Diagnostic Tools 7.x - Installation and Functionality Information

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle,
  • SAP MarkView Version: 7.x

Please Note: This version of the Support Diagnostic Tools is specifically designed for MarkView 7.x. If you are running a version of MarkView other than 7.x please review the Support Tools section of the Quick Links Article to find the appropriate version of the Support Tools for your environment: MarkView Quick Links


  • The Technical Support Tools are designed to
  • Reduce the need to maintain and run scripts and queries Reduce the need for direct Database access
  • Facilitate your ability to:
    • Administer and Support your MarkView System
    • Diagnose and resolve MarkView issues
    • Gather and send important files and information to Kofax MarkView Technical Support
    • Implement workarounds and short term solutions to keep your MarkView System running.

These tools are easy to install and will be embedded into MarkView Home.


Once installed, members of the specified User Group will have access to a new Support Tab from MarkView Home

that will bring you to the Support Home page. From that page, you will have access to the following:

Gather Data

  • WorkItem History: Search for location and details of a single WorkItem.
  • Document Search: Search for location and details of a single Document.
  • Invoice Search: Search for Invoice Details and links to attached workitems.
  • Expense Report Search: Search for WorkItems related to an Expense Report Header ID.
  • SSI Request Search: Search for WorkItems related to an SSI Request ID.
  • SQL Query Tool: Execute and view results of simple database queries.
  • MarkView Preferences: View/Save MarkView Preferences.

User Data

  • User Role and Group Search: View/Save a user's MarkView roles/groups.
  • User Authorized Tools Search: View/Save a user's MarkView authorized tools.
  • Alternate User History: View/Save MarkView Alternate User History.
  • Hierarchy/Approval Limit Check: Check user hierarchy supervisor and approval limit.
  • Set Owner And Reroute: Set OwnerUserID/PreviousUserID and Reroute items in the Workflow Administration queue.

Version & Source Details

  • Version Information: View current version of MarkView Database Objects and get TRS information.
  • Custom Source Code: Search for and view source of custom packages.
  • Join Point Output: View/Save the Join Points in your environment.
  • Source Code Search: Search source code for specific text.
  • Search Message Strings: Search message strings in any language. English translations of I18N messages displayed.

Capture & Output Administration

  • Kofax Capture Batch Info: View workitems associated with a specific Kofax Capture Batch Description.
  • Export Request Admin: View and modify pending Export Requests.
  • Fax Request Admin: View and modify pending Fax Requests.
  • Print Request Admin: View and modify pending Print Requests.
  • BarCode Request Admin: View and modify pending Bar Code Requests.
  • Pending Email Admin: View and modify pending email notifications.
  • DB Sessions: Display details for sessions currently connected to the current schema.

Managers, Jobs, Events

  • MarkView System Status: View MarkView System Status Screen.
  • Event Alert Admin: View pending events in SF_EVENT_ALERT table.
  • Process Manager DBMS Job Admin: Stop/Start DBMS Jobs and view log files.
  • Events: View Event details and the managers they are assigned to.
  • Approval Check Admin: Enable admin user to alert the ApprovalCheck for all or one item.
  • Recycle Admin: Enable admin user recycle a workitem or an entire batch.


  • Performance Information: Event processing times, Stats information, etc.
  • Explain Plan: Generate an explain plan for a query.
  • Working Folder Count: Get count of items in users working folders.
  • Trace Web Inbox: Time and Trace users Web Inbox. Click here to email link to user.
  • Trace Get Next: Time and Trace WorkItem Retrieval.
  • Trace Detail Sections: Time and Trace MarkView Express Detail Sections.
  • MarkView Connector (if installed)
    Note-Icon.png Note: This functionality may not be compatible with the latest Professional Services solution for Connector.
  • Connector Entity Values: Gather the Connector Entity Values associated with a Connector EntityID.


Please review the SupportTools8000_ReadMe.txt file for installation instructions.

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