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Error failed to load the image format=base64 viewing document pages

Article # 3026171 - Page views: 173

Article # 3026171 - Page views: 173


Users receiving error : Failed to load the image ... format=base64 - when trying to view images (sometimes seen after upgrading MarkView).



  • This error can happen when WebLogic basic authentication has not been disabled. 
  • This error can happen when the Export Connector for MarkView (MVImportAPIConfig.exe) does not have Verify Upload (Under the Import tab) enabled.
    • Not having Verify Upload enabled means the database may have a record about the batch inserted into the tables, but one or more tiff files may not be written to the Document Server. If this happens, users may try to view one or more pages from the document batch, and when the Viewer tries to display the missing tiff file, the error can occur. 



  1. Follow the steps documented in the Installation Guide to Disable WebLogic Basic Authentication.
    1. Example:
      1. Log in to the WebLogic host as the WebLogic owner.
      2. Open the domain configuration file, which is located in the directory specified when you created the domain
        1. Example: //../user_projects/domains//config/config.xml
      3. Add the following XML code immediately before the close tag for the security configuration to set to false:
        1. weblogic_basic_auth.JPG
      4. Restart the server.
      5. NOTE: If using more than one node, ensure this file has been modified on each node. 
    2. Ensure Verify Upload checkbox is checked in the MVImportAPIConfig.exe (Export Connector for MarkView) on the Capture Server where exports are being done. 


Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
MarkView for Oracle 10.x      



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