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KAMV - How do I download an Analytics for MarkView Fix Pack

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Question / Problem: 

How do I download an Analytics for MarkView Fix Pack?  

Answer / Solution: 

Follow these steps to download a Kofax Anaytics for MarkView (KAMV) fix pack: 

Enter How to here:

1. Login to and click on Downloads

2. Ensure My Kofax List view is selected and, user the Filter box to search for Analytics for MarkView



3. To get the latest Service Pack or Fix Pack you are looking for, click on major (2 digit) version of the Analytics for MarkView that matches your version: (e.g., click on "Kofax Analytics for MarkView 1.1" when looking for Fix Pack



4. At the bottom of the resulting Product Acceptance License Agreement, check the box if you agree to the terms and then click Proceed to Download.



5. Scroll down to the “Patch” section to locate the most recent Fix Pack and click on the zip file to begin the download:



Applies to:  

Product Version
Analytics for MarkView All


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