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How to set the Query & Session Timeout Settings for Historical Data Loads in Insight Studio

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Question / Problem: 

Prior to running the Historic Data Load for KAMV, users should modify the Query & Session timeout settings in Insight Studio.

Answer / Solution: 

Before running any historical data load, users should modify the Query timeout for both KAMV and Data DB data sources, and the Session timeout settings, per the following steps.


Modify the Query Timeout for Data DB and KAMV Data Sources:

  1. Login to Insight Studio as the administrator.
  2. Click the Tools menu.
  3. Under the Data Sources tree, select Data DB.
  4. In the panel on the far right of the window, click on the Query timeout field.
  5. Change the value from 300 to 3600.
  6. Click Save.

Repeat the same steps for the KAMV data source.


Modify the Session Timeout:

The Session Timeout needs to be set to 1440 during the historical data load, and can be changed back to 20 minutes (per the documented steps in the KAMV Administration Guide) after the historical data load has completed. 

You can specify how long (in minutes) a session remains active after a user closes the browser without clicking the Logout icon. After the specified number of minutes goes by, the session timeout occurs. Similar to the automated logout, the session timeout helps to ensure that the number of active sessions does not exceed the maximum supported under a concurrent license.

Set up the session timeout function as follows to use a concurrent user Kofax Insight license:

1. In <Insight_installation_directory>\WcfDataService, open web.config for editing.
2. Locate the Insight.DataService.SessionTimeout parameter and set the numeric value to 20

3. Save the changes.




Applies to:  

Product Version
Insight  6.1+



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