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Kofax Analytics for MarkView - Ongoing Data Load is scheduled with incorrect dates

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Following installation of Kofax Analytics for MarkView or a Service Pack or Fix Pack, the start date for the ongoing data load is much earlier than expected.

Historical data loads were performed until the day of the installation, but the start date for the first ongoing data load does not match the end date of the last historic data load.


An ongoing data load is run from the time of the last successful data load to the current time.

Historical data loads do not set the "To date" of the current data load to be the date of the last successful data load.

So, if an ongoing data load is run immediately after the historical data loads, the last successful data load is not set correctly.

Therefore, after running the historical data loads, it is important to run a data load with the 'Save "To date" as the date of last successful load' option selected as described in the "Load Current Data" section on pages 29 to 30 of the Kofax Analytics for MarkView 1.1.2 Administrator's Guide available from the Support Article below:

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Applies to:  

Product Version
KAMV 1.1.*