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Troubleshooting Steps When KAMV Data Not in Reports Correctly

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle EBS
  • MarkView Version: 9.1+
  • Kofax Analytics for MarkView (KAMV) Version: 1.0 and above


  • Data does not seem to be coming into the Kofax Analytics for MarkView reports correctly as expected.
  • We are not seeing the Capture count in the Analytics application. 
  • Productivity Capture report is not reporting some information.
  • A user ran the report and it is missing some data. 
  • The table KAMV_BATCH is not getting updated with new data.  

Troubleshooting Steps

The below verification steps can be performed to make sure the configurations are correct for the data to come into the reports.

  • For data not coming in from Markview:
    • Make sure the Insight Data Loader is scheduled to run at frequent intervals and the Data Loader is running successfully without any issues.
  • For data not coming in from Capture:
    1. Make sure the EnableKofaxAnalytics” flag parameter is set to TRUE on all machines where this is installed including: 

      • KTM Server

      • Kofax Capture

      • NOTE: All workstations from which Validation users are validating (including any VDI or remote desktop machines (RDC) or masters being created/used/deployed) MUST have this set to true. 

      • NOTE: To verify the value for "EnableKofaxAnalytics” is set to TRUE, go to the kofax.MarkViewExport.Notifier.dll.config file.

        • The config file can be found in the directory similar to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kofax\CaptureSS\ServLib\Bin\MarkView

    2. Go to MarkView Home > Support >Managers, Jobs & Events and check the status of the two KAMV DBMS jobs (at the bottom of the screen) to ensure that they are running and not broken or in a failed state.

      1. NOTE: The 2 KAMV jobs are located in the KAMV schema, not the MarkView schema.

    3. KAMV_UTIL.MarkDeletedObjects
      1. KAMV_BATCH_XML.parseBatchXML
      2. Verify that the Kofax Analytics for MarkView service is running on ALL Capture/KTM workstations.
      3. Verify that the Kofax Analytics for MarkView Workflow Agent has been added to the Invoice batch class being used, and that the batch class has been published from Kofax Capture Administration.
        1. From Kofax Analytics for MarkView (KAMV) Version 1.1 and above, right click on the Invoice Batch Class --> Configure Kofax Analytics for Markview --> Perform the TEST for successful connection to the kamv_source schema (ensuring all connection details are correctly in the fields).
          1. If the connection string is missing, add it and test it. 
          2. After adding, be sure to publish the batch class. 
            1. Note: Make sure to refresh the services. 
      4. Make sure the table kamv_xml_pending in the kamv source schema does not have any rows with error messages. If this table has error messages, log a case with Markview Technial Support with the details.
      5. Make sure the Insight Data Loader is scheduled to run at frequent intervals and the Data Loader is running successfully without any issues.
      6. Check if a new batch comes into the schemas.
        1. Queries for the KAMV_SOURCE schema: 
          1. select * from kamv_document where trunc(creation_date) = trunc(sysdate); 
          2. select * from kamv_document where batch_guid in ('XXXXX')
        2. Queries for the KAMV_DATA schema: 
          1. select * from "AllInvoices" where "BatchGuid" in ('XXXXX')
          2. select * from "UsersProductivity" where "BatchGuid" in ('XXXXX')
          3. select * from "AllInvoiceHistory" where "DocumentGuid"='XXXXX'
      7. Check the Event Viewer log on the Capture Server for any errors (such as Workflow Agent connection errors). 
  • Exception Cases:
    • Batches in the MarkView Document Batch class would not show up in the Kofax Analytics for MarkView reports.
    • Batches with Invoice Batch Class in the Scan queue would not show up in the reports if the document count is zero and the batches does not have any documents in them yet.