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User does not receive new roles after a change in the Source System


What steps should I take when a user was given new Source System group(s) but when synchronization ran the user did not gain any new MarkView Roles or Groups? 4947

Users may not receive the expected groups and roles if their user account was created in Markview prior to the installation of MarkView 7.x.

If the user already existed in MarkView and the initial synchronization was not run with the "Allow AUSS to Capture users configured manually in MarkView Administration", this user will not be treated as an AUSS user.

To determine if the user is configured to be managed by AUSS, the following query can be used:

select u.username,u.disable_timestamp,u.auss_created_yn from mvum_user u where upper(u.username)=upper('&USERNAME');

If the last column (auss_created_yn) is set to "N" this will indicate that the user is not being synchronized as part of AUSS.

To resolve this you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Update the user to be managed by AUSS. To do this you can run the follow SQL statement:
update mvum_user set auss_created_yn = 'Y' where username=upper('&USERNAME'); commit;
  1. Open then save the user's ERP record. This will indicate to AUSS that there was a change to the user.
  2. Run AUSS Synchronization or wait for the next Scheduled Sync to run.

Keywords: active-directory, AD

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