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Coding User Unable to See All Accounting Lines in Viewer

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The Accounting section of the Viewer does not show all lines when the invoice has a large number of lines and / or distribution lines.

Users may see a message such as: This invoice contains more than 100 lines that the Accounting table can display. Contact your MarkView system administrator for help.




The default value of the MVAS_CONTENT_MAX_DISTRIBUTIONS preference is 100.

The value of this preference reflects the limit on the number of Accounting (both the Invoice Lines and Distribution Lines) displayed in the Viewer.

If there are, for example, 180 invoice lines and distribution lines, add a system level value of 200 for the MVAS_CONTENT_MAX_DISTRIBUTIONS preference.


NOTE: The MVAS_CONTENT_MAX_DISTRIBUTIONS preference can be set only at a system level.


In MarkView and lower, there is currently no out of the box way to display the Accounting lines and Distribution Lines with a Page option, for users who may desire a way to go to the "next n lines". The preference value has to be increased as the preference determines the maximum number of distributions to be returned per round trip. 


WARNING: Generally Kofax MarkView would not recommend setting it to a larger value for performance implications but should you alter this setting, you should first do so in Non-Production for testing purposes to ensure there's no negative performance impact. 


Note: Restart the application server after adding or changing the system level value of this preference.


Applies to:  

Product Version
MarkView for Oracle 9.1+