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Does the MarkView Accounting Details (DFM) allow modification of distributions after validation/approval?

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle
  • MarkView Version: MarkView 5.x and higher


  • Is it possible to modify distributions after validation/approval?


  • As of 11.5.7 Payables Mini-Pack I (Financials Family Pack C), the optional invoice approval workflow allows approvers to review invoices after Validation.

This functionality is implemented in MarkView Distribution Form Markup version

If (and only if) the Invoice Approval Workflow is enabled in Apps, and if the Validation Status is "Validated" (in old terminology, that the invoice is "Approved"), and the Status Code is "NOT REQUIRED", "INITIATED" or "REJECTED", then changes to distribution lines are allowed via the MarkView Distribution Form Markup.

Otherwise, the invoice is assumed to be approved, and changes are not allowed.


Note: The lines inserted by the MarkView Distribution Form Markup do change the Validation Status to Needs Revalidation in most cases. If all distribution lines are changed by the MarkView Distribution Form Markup, the Status reverts to Never Validated. To avoid this occurring, a Distribution Variance hold will be placed if the invoice is already Validated.

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