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MarkView Admin - Unable to login into MarkView

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: All


Unable to login into MarkView homepage and the login prompt shows up everytime the user enters the username and password.

Known Causes

  • Incorrect password, special characters in the password or the password has been entered in different language.
  • The MarkView URL is pointing to different environment.
  • Weblogic Basic Authentication is enabled.
  • Issue with Single Sign On (SSO) authentication.
  • Database Connection is closing. 


Password Check

  • Ensure that you enter the correct password.
  • Ensure that the password you set doesn’t contain any special characters (This issue has been resolved in 7.2.2 and higher COD2175, if your MarkView version is lower than 7.2.2, then you cannot use special characters in the user’s password).
  • If you have multiple keyboard languages on the client machine, ensure that you select the correct language.
  • Alternatively, change the user account password with something simple (e.g. welcome) and try to login into the system again.
  • If you see errors similar to nested exception is java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: Closed Connection in the usermgt.log file you may not have enough connections within the connection pool. Increase the number of maximum connections in your connection pool. 

URL and IP Check

  • Ensure that you use the correct application URL.
  • If you don’t use DNS server to resolve MarkView hostname, please check the host file on the client machine and make sure that the hostname is assigned to the correct IP Address.

The host file normally located under the path below on the client machine:


Note: The windows directory path might be slightly different in your Environment.

Basic Authentication Check (Applies to Weblogic server only).

  • Ensure that the Weblogic Basic Authentication is disabled, to set / verify that:
    1. Log in to the Weblogic console with the Weblogic Admin account.
    2. From the Domain Structure section, click [markview_domain].
    3. Click the Control tab.
    4. From the Servers table, select the markview_console server.
    5. Click Shutdown.
    6. Log in to the Weblogic host as the Weblogic owner.
    7. Open the domain configuration file, which is located in the directory specified when you created the domain, for example:
      <bea_home>/user_projects/domains/<markview domain>/config/config.xml
    8. Add / Check the following tag directly before the </security-configuration> tag:
    9. Restart the MarkView Server from the WebLogic console and try again.

Single Sign On (SSO) Check

  • If you use SSO in your environment try to disable it then try to login into the system again.
  • Or check with your SSO admin If there is any issue is preventing the user(s) from getting authenticated and login into the system.

Note: To find out If you use SSO in your Env, check the value of the preference MV_ENABLE_SINGLE_SIGN_ON whether it’s true or false.

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