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MarkView All Components - Clearing Browser Cache

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How do I clear the browser cache?

Known Causes

Each time you access a file through your web browser, the browser caches (stores) it. Thus, the browser doesn't have to newly retrieve files (including any images on the page) from the remote web site each time you click Back or Forward. We clear the browser cache to avoid using previously cached information.


Clearing the cache is specific to each browser model and version.

Internet Explorer:

  • Up top in the pull-down menus (File, Edit, Tools etc.), click Tools, then 'Internet Options' This brings up a dialog with 6 tabs across the top (General, Security, Content....)
  • Click 'General;, the look for 'Temporary Internet Files' Click 'Delete Files', then (if it appears, check off 'Delete all offline content';, then click 'OK'. Click 'OK' again and this should clear all cached pages.


  • Up top in the pull-down menus (File, Edit, etc.), click Edit, then 'Preferences'.
  • Find 'Advanced'. Click the + sign in front of the word, 'advanced'. You'll see 'Cache, Proxies, etc.........' Click 'Cache' On the right you'll see, buttons labelled 'Clear Memory Cache' and 'Clear Disk Cache'
  • First, click 'Clear Memory Cache' when the "?" dialog appears click 'OK' Then click 'Clear Disk Cache', when the "?" dialog appears, click 'OK'. Click 'OK' again to close the Cache Dialog box.
  • This will clear all old info from your browser and the error should be finished. After clearing the cache you should update the following setting
  • Tools->Internet Options->General->Temporary Internet Files: Settings: Select radio button for "every visit to the page".

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