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MarkView Process Manager DBMS Job Broken

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: All


  • The number of Pending Events reported in MarkView System Status is increasing.
    • On MarkView Home -> Support -> MarkView System Status.
  • A DBMS Job that is normally running is now broken
    • On MarkView Home -> Support -> Database Job Administration the last run is different from expected
    • The ‘Broken’ column is set to ‘Yes’
    • The Non-Production environment has the job running

Known Causes

  • An event failed to be executed a number of times
  • There was an error affecting the Application Server or Database causing the job to fail


  • Open a MarkView Support case in the Kofax Portal
    • Then mention you are following this article
    • Once the case is created then attach the information to speed up troubleshooting the issue
  • Identify the broken DBMS Job in MarkView Home -> Support -> Database Job Administration
    • Click on ‘Save to File’ and attach the output to the case
  • Scroll to the right an click on click on the log name (in the 'LogFileName' column) which will open the log
    • Save the content of the file in a text editor and attach it to the case
  • Identify the event that it is failing.
    • The failing event will normally yield an error message; and there will be a number of attempts to run the event
    • The error message will probably include and ORA-0XXXX reference
      • (i.e. ORA-01403: no data found)
  • Back up the failing event
    • Go to MarkView Home -> Support -> Event Alert Admin
    • Confirm the job is present as a Pending Event
    • Paste the event EventOccurrenceID on the box in the 'SF_Event_Alert Admin Options (by Event Occurrence ID)' line
    • Ensure the Drop-Down displays 'Backup Event' and click on Execute

Note: You can re-submit the job if needed at a later stage from this screen (just change the LoV value to ‘Resubmit Event’

  • Re-Start the broken job from MarkView Home -> Support -> Database Job Administration
    • See if the number of pending events is going up and down on MarkView Home -> Support -> MarkView System Status
    • Confirm if the pending events are changing on Home -> Support -> Event Alert Admin
    • Confirm the previously broken job is running after a few minutes
  • Trace the problematic Rule
    • Identify the Rule that fails.
    • The event identified as causing the problem will have line indicating the rule instance(i.e. Firing Rule Instance: XXX)
    • Then identify the rule related to the instance using the query below (where XXX is the value reported in the line above)
      • select t.* from sf_rule_instance i, sf_rule_type t where i.rule_type_id = t.rule_type_id and i.rule_instance_id = XXX;
    • Extact the source code for the Rule
    • On MarkView Home -> Support -> Source Code Search... by searching on the Rule_Procedure_name (SF_RULE_RTXXX) from the query output.
      • Then please save the rule and attach it to the case.

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