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Kofax Support Policy for Scripts or SQL Direct Database Updates for Work Items

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  • Does Kofax MarkView support running sql or a script to make direct updates or changes to work items in workflows?
    • Examples:
      • Updating the owner (owner user id).
      • Updating the user who retrieved the work item (retrieving user id).
      • Routing a work item to another queue in the workflow.




  • Kofax does not support running sql or database scripts to update work items or to route items through workflows.
  • The only supported method would be sql or a script provided specifically by a Kofax Support Analyst to resolve a specific incident or case. 
  • Unauthorized use of such routing scripts or sql are the same as direct updates to the database and are not supported.
  • Such scripts can bypass the business processes, creating an opportunity for circumventing business controls and audit procedures, leading to problems elsewhere in the workflow.
  • In general, customers should resolve workflow issues by using the application interface provided, such as using a 'Route To Previous' markup or other standard user-interface, including Support Tools. 
  • In rare circumstances when the application interface cannot resolve the issue, customers should log an incident with Kofax Technical Support for further analysis.