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MarkView All Components - Encounter the error "There is no solution for the given input data!"

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle
  • MarkView Version: Version 7.0 Forms Installer


When attempting to run the MarkView Oracle Objects Installer in a MarkView 7.0.1 environment the following error occurs:

There is no solution for the given input data!

Known Causes

It is not possible to run a version of the installer which is an earlier version of the installer previously run in the target environment, i.e. an error will occur if an attempt is made to run a version 7.0.0 installer on an environment in which a 7.0.1 installer has been run.


For example: If, after upgrading the MarkView system to version 7.0.1, an Oracle application patch or upgrade is carried out, the MarkView workflow and OA framework may be overwritten. Under these circumstances the MarkView Forms installer will need to be run again.

The MarkView Forms installer shipped with the distribution is version 7.0 and when run against a version 7.0.1 environment, may fail and generate the error as detailed above.


Download, detach and run the attached file “” to unzip the 7.0.1 Forms installer then run it to complete the intended installation/reintegration steps, per MarkView documentation.

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