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MarkView All Components - End Dating Alternate User Assignments and the DayTick Event

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, SAP
  • MarkView Version: All.


  • Alternate user assignments do not appear to be end dated when expected.

Known Causes

  • Alternate user assignments are end dated at 23:59:59 (11:59:59pm). If the DayTick event is scheduled to be alerted on the same day but at a time prior to this end date, the end date for the alternate user assignment will actually take effect the following day and thus may not be seen by end users until after that event is alerted.
    For example:
    • AUA is set to end date 15-MAY-2008 11:59:59pm.
    • DayTick event alerted 15-MAY-2008 21:00:00 (9pm) - before AUA set to end.
    • AUA end dated 15-MAY-2008 23:59:59.
    • Users login 16-MAY-2008 09:00 (9am) and see AUA not yet end dated.
    • DayTick event alerted 16-MAY-2008 21:00:00 (9pm) - end dating AUA from 15-MAY-2008.
    • User logs in morning of 17-MAY-2008 09:00 (9am) and sees AUA end dated.
  • In the above example, users do not actually see that the AUA has end dated until 2 days after the expected date.


  • To resolve this type of timing issue between the AUA end date and the DayTick, some customers have chosen to configure the DayTick to be alerted at a time after the AUA end date. For example, at 2am the next day.


  • Using release 6.x or later of the Support Tools, MarkView Administrators can view historical data for alternate user assignments. Under the section entitled User Data, click on the Alternate User History link. Either the last 30 or 1,000 days of history can be selected. In the history output, you will see the date as well as the time information for when an alternate user has been end dated.
  • For information regarding the latest version of the Support Diagnostic Tools applicable to your MarkView product release, please review the ‘Technical Support Diagnostic Tools’ section of the 'MarkView Quick Links' article linked below, under Related articles

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