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How to reassign invoice work item documents in MarkView

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: 7.x and later


  • The business requires a different user to process certain invoices / work items / documents. 
  • A change on a user role requires to move some documents to a different user.
  • Is there a way to mass transfer invoices from one user to another in MarkView? 
    • Can we move a specific group of work items, such as the first 250 in the Web Inbox, to another user to share the work?

Known Causes

  • Change on business requirements or user roles.
  • End user not completing processing of items in their Web Inbox. 


  • If a person is temporarily not available or absent then use Alternate User Assignment to re-assign work items to a new user who has the same roles.
  • If a person is leaving the organization, then set up an Alternate User Assignment before the person is end-dated in the ERP.
  • If the documents need to be permanently managed by a different user then consider reassigning the documents.
    • MarkView allows reassigning documents as following ways:
      • Placing the ‘Reassign Document’ action on the viewer.
        • This option normally requires the user to have retrieved the item first
        • This is available on only some queues
  • The ability to transfer a large amount of work items to another user would require the use of a custom script which could be provided via Kofax Professional Services. 
  • In MarkView Advisor (de-supported/pre-10.x)
    • Some Advisor reports allow re-assigning documents by clicking in the graph and then ticking the documents and clicking on ‘Re-assign’
    • Multiple documents can be re-assigned in one request
    • Using the ‘Set Owner And Reroute’ option on MarkView Home -> Support.
      • This option is available to Administrator.
      • This option is valid to documents in the Workflow Administration queue.

Keywords: re-assign, reassign, alternate, set owner, owner, AUA