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MarkView All Components - Unable to Add new Organization as the LOV is blank

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Question / Problem:

• User is unable to add an Organization to MarkView from MarkView Home -> Administration -> Module Admin -> Organizations -> Add.  When the ‘Add’ button is clicked to add an Organization to MarkView the LOV is blank, which prevents the Organization from being added.
• The Gateway log (in debug mode) reports the following message: 
◦ Table COMPANY_CODES has 0 rows
• Organizations data exported for KTM is blank

The known cause:
• After an upgrade the communication user for 
◦ MarkView Home->Administration->Module Admin->Gateway Admin -> Configure BAPI Connections
◦ The 'Used Id' field normally defaults to MV_COMM_USER which is  the communication user.

Answer / Solution: 

• Check the communication user (i.e. MV_COMM_USER) has the correct roles
◦ It may need updating new communication user roles. 
◦ Compare a non-upgraded environment to check the roles.
◦ Ensure the user the correct roles (i.e. 170 COMMS user role).

Applies to:  

Product Version Category
MarkView All SAP