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The preference MVAP_ALLOW_SPLIT_DURING_DATA_ENTRY is not exhibiting the expected or documented behavior



When setting the preference MVAP_ALLOW_SPLIT_DURING_DATA_ENTRY to TRUE, users should be place the New Document markup and the Manual Review Complete markup on pages of a multipage document in the following queues:

  • Non-PO Invoice Entry
  • PO Invoice Entry
  • Pre-Approved Invoice Entry
  • Supplier Setup Entry

However, this doesn't work as expected or documented. If you change the Preference to TRUE, the tool_queue_auths are not created.

How do I correct this?

This is a known issue and has been corrected in MarkView Patchset 5.10.7.

For more information on the 5.10.X patchsets, please see Article Number 000004113 - MarkView 5.10.X for Oracle - Patchset Release Information

For clients running MarkView versions prior to 5.10.7, you can work around this issue by mannually creating the auths.

You can also contact Kofax Technical Support for further work around options.

Keywords: 24292, MV_Preference_Custom, splitting, split, documents