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What are the minimum requirements for a Development environment?


I need to install and configure a Kofax MarkView development environment. 3936

What are the minimum requirements for a Development environment?

  • Do I need a separate Application Server for a development system?
  • Do I need a separate database server or database for development system?
  • Can I co-locate any components for both development and production system?

Kofax requires that our customers maintain a Non-Production DEV/TEST environment that is a reasonable replication of their Production environment.

We refer to a "reasonable" replication of the Production environment because typical Non-Production environments are not subjected to the same user / system load as a Production environment, and so some customers will have scaled down hardware for the Non-Production environment, or the hardware may host more than one Non-Production environment DEV, TEST, QA, UAT.

However, it is not permissible to co-locate a Non-Production application on a Production machine.

In other words, you need separate hardware for your Non-Production environment. You cannot install and configure your Non-Production environment on your Production hardware. This requirement is an industry standard practice for enterprise software, to ensure minimum Production downtime.

The minimum hardware requirements for the MarkView software, including co-location details, are documented in the?.

Furthermore, for detailed information on how to migrate your production MarkView environment into a TEST or DEV environment (and vice versa), please review the?.

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