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Alternate User Assignment - error encountered when attempting to delete duplicate Alternate User Assignment

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Applies To

  • ERP System: ( Oracle, SAP)
  • MarkView Version: All


  • An item enters the Workflow Administration queue due to error :
    • User () could not retrieve workitem (1234567) due to error:ORA-01422: exact fetch returns more than requested number of rows
  • An attempt to remove an Alternate User Assignment results in the following error:
    • 'Exception encountered while executing MarkView PL/SQL procedure. Please contact your system administrator.'

Known Cause

  • The time taken to process a new Alternate User Assignment (AUA) can be variable. One of the factors affecting processing time is the number of workitems involved (i.e. those workitems currently retrieved to the UserID for which an alternate is being assigned). If an AUA is already in place, it is not possible to set up a duplicate AUA. However, while a new AUA is being processed, it is possible for a user to make further clicks on the Submit button and these additional clicks can result in duplicate AUAs being created. This is logged as a defect having the reference number 93509. In the event that one or more duplicate AUAs are created, similar errors to those mentioned above may be encountered, either when a workitem transitions to Workflow Administration or when a MarkView Administrator attempts to remove a duplicate AUA using the MarkView AUA front-end.


  • To resolve the above situation, it will be necessary to first identify the duplicate assignments and then disable them.
    • The following query can be used to identify the enabled alternate user assignment IDs which are contributing to this issue:
      SQL> select * from sf_alternate_user_assignment aua
      where aua.user_id = '<UserID_Needing_Alternate>'
      and aua.enabled_yn = 'Y'
      and sysdate between aua.enable_date and aua.disable_date;
    • To resolve, run an update statement similar to the following to disable all except a single AUA for the affected user:
      SQL> update sf_alternate_user_assignment
      set enabled_yn = 'N'
      where user_id = '<UserID_Needing_Alternate>'
      and alternate_user_assignment_id in (duplicate_aua_id_1, duplicate_aua_id_2, duplicate_aus_id_n);
    • Then commit the transaction:
      SQL> commit;

If any issues are encountered when following the above steps, please feel free to create a Support case requesting help.

Keywords: aua, Alternate user assignment, "could not retrieve workitem", "Exception encountered while executing MarkView PL/SQL procedure"