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Unable to Select or Set Alternate User Assignment

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Applies To

  • ERP System: MarkView for Oracle
  • MarkView Version: ALL


  • When trying to set an Alternate user I have no users available to select in the pick list / list of values / lov.
  • When trying to set an alternate user, the following error is seen in the user interface: 
    • The update was unsuccessful due to the following error: You entered an invalid alternate user. Select a different alternate user from the list


Known Causes

  • When the MVT_ALT_USER_CHECK_PERMISSION preference is set to TRUE, in order to set an Alternate User Assignment, the Alternate User must have ALL of the same Roles and Groups that are assigned to the departing user.
  • The Roles must also be enabled for the Alternate User.


  • Use the CompareRolesAndGroups.sql script (attached to this article) to compare the two users.
    • The script will output a list of all the Roles and Groups that the departing user has, but which the prospective Alternate User does not have.
    • These Roles and Groups can then be assigned to the Alternate User so that the Alternate User Assignment can proceed, or a different user that already has the Roles/Groups can be identified.
  • The relevant Roles must not only be assigned to the Alternate User, they must also be enabled.
  • To ensure the Roles are Enabled: MarkView Home -> Administration -> Process Admin -> Details (next to the User ID) -> User Roles Grants.
    • This screen will list all the Roles and indicate if they are enabled. If a Role is not Enabled then click on ‘Details’ and set the ‘Enabled’ field to Y


Keywords: User Assignment, AUA, MVAUA