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Export fails when page count is greater than 2 (AIX middle-tier only)

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Question / Problem: 

An error occurs during export when the page count > 2.
This would typically:

  • Prevent batches processed through KC/KTM and containing more than 2 pages from entering the MarkView system.
  • Affect an upgrade or new install where the Application Server is AIX.

The markview_server.log file contains an "Array index out of range error" similar to the following:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Array index out of range: -190
 class: ( Principal: MarkviewUserDetails{user=UserObject(u=KOFAX, fn=null, ln=null, e=QUAT, enable=null, disable=null, auss=N)}; Credentials: [PROTECTED]; Authenticated: true; Details: RemoteIpAddress:; SessionId: PJbMfBEkrVkOoBUnlND2po7eiHnX01zPbG1mKSY1DAp9Y8S7q8o_!-127083036!1571093745956; Granted Authorities: ANONYMOUS, ROLE_ALL USERS, ROLE_SCAN USERS)


The error is reporting a negative integer which is not permitted

Answer / Solution: 

Background information:
MarkView uses the latest 'hessian' library for authorization process and this library has a bug:

Since we use IBM J9 VM (engine is OpenJ9) on AIX and OpenJ9 supports a key: -XX:[+|-]PositiveIdentityHash, we can add the following Java options to the "Arguments:" field on the Server Start tab in the WebLogic console:
-XX:+PositiveIdentityHash -XX:-IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions


Take the following steps to resolve the issue:

1) Login to WebLogic console and navigate to Environment -> Servers
2) Click markview_server
3) Select Server Start tab
4) Add the following string to the Arguments field: -XX:+PositiveIdentityHash -XX:-IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions
5) Save the changes and restart markview_server

Batches affected by this issue should now be able to be processed normally and should export successfully.


Applies to:  

Product Version
MarkView (AIX middle-tier) 9.1; 10.0; 10.1



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