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MarkView Application Server - HTTP 404 error occurs when attempting to connect to Markview Home or other MarkView applications

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, SAP MarkView Version: 6.x
  • Application Server: Oracle Application Server (OAS)


None of the MarkView applications can be reached after bouncing opmn. MarkView Home is not accessible, even though the configuration appears correct in Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM). OEM indicates that the MarkView applications are up. Tests of the MarkView data source and connection pools complete successfully in OEM. No updates, installs, or configuration changes were made on the server. Attempts to reach a MarkView application result in a 404 error as seen in access and error logs in $ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/logs. Attempts to reach MarkView Home also result in 404 error page returned in browser.

Known Causes

This seems to be related to Oracle Note 1050686.1 and Oracle bug 7602398 and relates to OAS In some cases, when opmn stopall is run, the ohs-routing value (set in $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/<OC4JinstanceName>/config/default-web-site.xml) for the MarkView applications is set to "false". This value should be true. The exact conditions required for this to happen are not known.


Check default-web-site.xml for the OC4J instance that the MarkView applications run in. Any MarkView application that has ohs-routing set to "false" will not be accessible. Set these values to "true". Please note that ascontrol and javasso applications should not have their ohs-routing value edited; only the MarkView applications themselves should have it edited.

Keywords: opmn, ohs-routing, 404