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MarkView Approvals and Approval hierarchy - What diagnostic steps should I follow and what information should I gather when there is an issue with Approvals and Approval hierarchy ?

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If you encounter an issue with Approvals and Approval hierarchy, please check the following items and be prepared to provide these items to Kofax Technical Support:

  • The MVT_HIERARCHY_API_CUSTOM package specification and body.
  • The User IDs of all users involved in the issue; for example, we need the User ID of the current user, the current user's supervisor, the current user's alternate, the supervisor's alternate, and so on.
  • The output of the MarkView preferences script attached to the FAQ 480. Title: What are the MarkView system preferences?
  • For the workitem in question, the output of the Workitem History script attached to the FAQ . The list of Alternate User Assignments; you get this information from SQL*Plus table data from SF_ALTERNATE_USER_ASSIGNMENT.

Examples of hierarchy errors that can result in workitems routing to the Workflow Administration queue:

Error Message




MVT_Hierarchy_API_Custom.GetNextApprover : ORA-20736:

: No employee matches -

Current user does not have a supervisor set up in the hierarchy or the supervisor is set up in the hierarchy but not in MarkView.

Ensure current user and their supervisor are active and set up correctly in both the hierarchy and in MarkView. Be sure to note the effective dates of both.


MVT_Hierarchy_API_Custom.GetNextApprover : : ApprovalUserID : XXXXX, AppsInstance : , HierarchyType : ; - ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error

An arithmetic, numeric, string, conversion, or constraint error occurred in custom code in the MVT_Hierarchy_API_Custom package body.

Investigate the MVT_Hierarchy_API_Custom package body. Identify the location of the error. Modify to ensure such an error/violation does not re-occur.

MVT_Hierarchy_API_Custom.GetApprovalLimit : Could not determine distribution for invoice XXXXX

System configured to use hierarchy rules to derive a user's signing limits for an invoice based on first or max distribution line, but dist_code_combination_id cannot be found on the ap_invoice_distributions_all for the invoice in question.

Ensure the item is attached to the expected Invoice ID via the Workflow History output. Ensure that the expected records for this invoice exist on the ap_invoice_distributions_all table. Check to see if the distributions have been reversed.

: No SQLFlow user matches - XXXXX

User exists in MarkView but not in SQLFlow. (There is an active record in the sf_user_profile table for user XXXXX, but not in the mv_user_profile table).

Set the user up in SQLFlow via SQLFlow Administration.

: No MarkView user matches - XXXXX

User exists in SQLFlow but not in MarkView. (There is an active record in the mv_user_profile table for user XXXXX, but not in the sf_user_profile table).

Set the user up in MarkView via MarkView Administration.

MVT_Hierarchy_API_Custom.GetApprovalLimit Could not determine org id for invoice - XXXXX

An org_id value could not be found on the ap_invoices_all table for invoice id XXXXX.

Ensure the invoice has not been deleted from the ap_invoices_all table, and ensure it's org_id value is not null.

Additional approval is required Invoice amount is larger than the approving user's approval limit. Check the user's approval limit (in Oracle or on the MarkView side) depending on the configuration of your MVERP_HIERARCHY_TYPE preference

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