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Bar Code Generator - Error inserting Sub Type - Exception encountered while executing MarkView PL/SQL procedure

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  • When trying to insert the first Sub Type for a given document type, the following error is encountered:
    ​​​​​​'Exception encountered while executing MarkView PL/SQL procedure. Please contact your system administrator.'

Known Causes

In some rare cases, the Organization cover page property may have been removed from your system; One example is if you have previously being using a custom Sub Type solution. (Note: Users of a custom Sub Type solution may also want to disable the existing 'MVXSubTypeID' Cover Page Property record before setting up product Sub Types.)


  • Check that the cover page class properties for the document type include the Organization property.
    • In Module Admin, Open 'Cover Page Class Property', and look for a record with your document type, and a Workitem Class Property value of 'Organization'.
    • If the Organization property is not present, you will need to create it. You can do this either by selecting 'Insert' on the Module Admin page or by executing the attached script.
Note-Icon.png Note that the Organization property must also be Enabled and Required.teps to take to resolve the issue.

Applies To

  • MarkView Version: All
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