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Bar Code Generator - Red X on Generated Barcode Cover Page

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Applies To

  • ERP System: ( Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft)
  • MarkView Version: (All Versions)


  • When a barcode coversheet is generated, the page loads but there is a red X where the barcode should be.

Known Causes

  • The barcode deployment is either not running, or not connecting properly to the database.
  • You may see this in Markview expenses in Internet Explorer if the Markview Application server runs on HTTP and Oracle runs on HTTPS. You may see this in Markview Expenses if there was a mistake in the Expense Integration steps


  • Check to make sure that the MarkView Application Server Barcode Generator Module process has been started and is not 'hung' on the application server.
  • Check that the MarkView Application Server Barcode Generator Module is configured to log into the correct database environment.
    If you are only seeing this in Expenses in Internet Explorer check the following:
    1. In the Internet Explorer Windows select Tools - Internet Options
    2. Click the Security Tab
    3. Click the Custom Button
    4. Find the Display Mixed Content option.
    5. Ensure this is not disabled.
  • Check the implementation of the MarkView Expense Management for Oracle integration.

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