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MarkView Bar Code Server - Access Violation on Barcode Server

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft
  • MarkView Version: All


We repeatedly get the following error pertaining to an access violation with the following error message in the kexcept log:

2004-2-9 22:13:32 .
==================== Begin Exception Report ==================== Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
File: IMGSTORE.C:2238
Exception address: 3200773C 01:0000673C C:\WINNT\system32\KCL310.DLL
CS:EIP:001B:3200773C SS:ESP:0023:0012C368 EBP:0012CFD0 DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:003B GS:0000 Flags:00010246
Call stack:
Address Frame Logical addr Module
3200773C 0012CFD0 0001:0000673C C:\WINNT\system32\KCL310.DLL ==================== End Exception Report ====================
2004-2-10 7:17:29

Clicking Abort or Retry will close the Barcode Application while Ignore will process the request with error.

Known Causes

This problem occurs infrequently and can be caused by a problem with the Bar Code Server itself or by a corrupt tif image.


This problem occurs infrequently and can be caused by a problem with the Bar Code Server itself or by a corrupt tif image. The first thing to try is to completely power down the server, let it sit for five minutes, and to restart the server.

If this does not resolve the problem, the solution is to back-up the bar code table, delete the offending record, and refax or rescan the document that was causing the problem. The steps to do so are as follows:

  1. Completely power down the Bar Code Server.
  2. Determine minimum request_id:
    select min(request_id) from mv_bar_code_request;
  3. Create a backup of this record:
    create table mv_bar_code_request_CURRENTDATE
    as select * from mv_bar_code_request
    where request_id = &value_from_query_step_2;
  4. Delete this record:
    delete from mv_bar_code_request
    where request_id = &value_from_query_step_2; commit;
  5. Restart Bar Code Server
    At this point the Bar Code Server should continue processing requests. The next step is to determine the offending document and to refax or rescan it.
  6. Determine document ID of offending document
    select document_id from mv_bar_code_request_CURRENTDATE;
  7. Attempt to view or print this document for refaxing or rescanning. Even though MarkView Viewer may not be able to open the document, it's possible that IE will be able to open the corrupt document so that you can determine how to process this document.
  8. Determine the workitem_instance_id so we can route to error queue.
    select workitem_instance_id from sf_workitem_property_values_v
    where property_name = 'MVDocumentID'
    and property_value = '&value_returned_from_6';
  9. Route this workitem to the error queue if you have the appropriate script. If not, provide this information in the incident.

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