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MarkView Bar Code Server - Bar codes are read successfully from VCDEMO using an image quality of Poor; but not from the Bar Code Server

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: 5.5 and higher


When the Bar Code Server attempts to read a bar code from a document it is unable to find a value for the bar code. Testing the same bar code in VCDEMO with the same settings that the Bar Code Server is using allows VCDEMO to successfully recognize the ba rcode.

Known Causes

The settings in the Bar Code Server dialog box are actually overwritten based on the values in the 'MVT Parse Document By Barcode' rule. Therefore selecting a value of 'Poor' in the Barcode Server dialog box will get overwritten with a null value based on the standard version of the 'MVT Parse Document By Barcode' rule.


Typically altering the bar code height and quality has the most effect on improving the bar code as such the 'MVT Parse Document By Barcode' rule can be modified in order to explicitly set these values.

  1. Run the query below to get the rule code from the customers environment:
    select r.rule_procedure_name from sf_rule_type r where r.rule_type_name='MVT Parse Document By Barcode';
  2. In this rule add the following update statement directly after the call to MV_Bar_code.SubmitBarcodeRequest (see the MVTParseDocumentByBarcode_Modified.sql attachment for an example of the modified rule and the MVTParseDocumentByBarcode_Original.sql attachment for the original version of the rule .)
    update mv_bar_code_request set bar_code_quality = 'Poor', bar_code_height = '.25' where request_id=l_request_id;
  3. Stop the MarkView Application Server and any DBMS_JOBS which are running.
  4. Run the updateConstraints.sql script to disable contstraints related to these changes
  5. Compile the rule you modified in step 2 above.
  6. Start the MarkView Application Server and any DBMS_JOBS which were running.

With the new rule code in place the Barcode Server will now be using an image quailty of Poor and a bar code height of .25 while attempting to recognize any new bar codes

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