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MarkView Bar Code Server - I am unable to view the bar code cover sheet of the expense report.



Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: All


While using MarkView Expense Management, why can't users view the bar code cover sheet of the expense report?

Known Causes

A bug in Oracle OIE.H and OIE.J is causing this problem. In these versions of OIE, the expense confirmation page does not make a callout to AP_Web_OA_Custom_Pkg.GetCustomizedExpRepSummary, which is where the MarkView customizations are inserted to display the bar code.


Refer to the patch from Oracle. The Oracle bug number is 4261049, and the patch number is 4261556 as noted in Oracle Support (formerly Metalink) note 308530.1.

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