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MarkView Connector - Connector Document was scanned but no Connector Export Request was created

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, SAP
  • MarkView Version: Versions prior to 6.5


A Connector invoice is scanned but no corresponding workitem appears in the Connector Export workflow.

Known Causes

  • Any time a document is scanned and is correctly categorized as a Connector document, it should be created in the Connector Export workflow. An Export Request is then created in the Export Queue given by the export_queue_name column in the mvcn_export_config table. If the document is scanned but the Export Request is not created, it is likely that the document was not correctly categorized.
  • If the document is correctly categorized and a workitem is created in the Export workflow, it is likely that there was a problem with the MVCN Submit Export Request rule in the Export to Partner System queue.


Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Verify that the correct barcode cover page was used. The most common reason for this behavior is that the cover page used during scanning was not an OCR page. In that case, after the document is created, a workitem is created in some workflow other than Connector Export. As a result, no Export Request is ever created.
  • If the correct barcode was used, identify the document_id for the scanned document and use the Support Tools to generate a workitem history for the associated workitem.
  • Submit a case via the Support Portal and attach the workitem history.

Keywords: ocrinvoice, kofax