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MarkView Connector Error: User ADMIN has not been setup properly in Oracle Apps

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Applies To

  • MarkView for Oracle (all versions)


  • Connector Validation workitems experience the following error when "MVCN Validate Entity" rule is triggered in "Validate Entity" queue and the workitems are routed to the Workflow Administration queue:
    ORA-20999: Operation: Set Created By raised exception INSIDE method: ORA-20001: The user ADMIN has not been setup properly in Oracle Apps. Verify the user exists.

Known Causes

  • The ADMIN user is typically the administrative user for MarkView and does not have a user account in Oracle EBS.
  • However, the error indicates that the ADMIN user has been identified as the MarkView user in the preferences for an instance of MVImportAPIConfig.

Note that the MarkView user identified in MVImportAPIConfig must:

  1. be a member of a group with Scan privileges in MarkView: for example the SCAN USERS group, and ..,
  2. be a user in Oracle with invoice creation permissions.


Select a different MarkView user which satisfies the 2 criteria above in the preferences of the MVImportAPIConfig instance.

Keywords: Validation, Validate Entity, ORA-20999, ORA-20001, Set Created By