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MarkView Connector Export Requests Fail With Unauthorized Error

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Applies To

  • MarkView Connector: All versions
  • MarkView Version: 5.5 and higher


  • All export requests related to OCR documents fail and the value in mv_export_request_history.error_message is "Unauthorized".
Note-Icon.png Note: This issue is not likely to be seen in MarkView versions 7.0 and higher because OCR documents in MarkView 7.0 are typically sent to MarkView from Kofax Capture. In this scenario the Connector Export workflow is not used and an export request is not created. However, when OCR documents are captured into MarkView and then exported to an OCR system for processing (as happens with MarkView Scan), this issue can occur.

Known Causes

This behavior will occur if the user that is associated with the export request is not successfully authenticated by the DTM. The WEBCLNT_SEC_AUTH_TYPE preference determines how the DTM will attempt to do the authentication. If the DTM is set to authenticate against the ERP system, this may mean that the password for the Connector export user is not the same in MarkView as it is in the ERP. If these export requests suddenly start failing, that may indicate that the password has recently been changed in either the ERP or in MarkView.


Please ensure that the user has the same password in both MarkView and the ERP if the ERP is used for authentication.

You can determine the user associated with these export requests by bringing up details for the Export Server Queue Assignment in MarkView Home. The Servlet Username value will indicate the relevant user.


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