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MarkView Connector - How to Find the Uploaded and Transformed XML for an Invoice


How do I find out what XML was passed from the OCR software to MarkView Connector, and what XML resulted after the Connector Import process transformed it? 4711

Applies To

  • MarkView Connector: All Versions
  • MarkView Version: MarkView 5.5 and Higher


It is sometimes necessary to determine what XML data was passed into MarkView Connector from the OCR system, and to determine what XML data was produced by the transform process that occurs during the creation of the MarkView Connector Import workitem. In order to do this you must have the file_id property from the Import Workitem's Workitem History output. You can then plug it into the following query in order to get the XML output:

SQL> select file_name, file_location, dbms_lob.substr(uploaded_xml, 4000, 1), dbms_lob.substr(transformed_xml, 4000, 1) from mvcn_file where file_id = &fileID;

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