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MarkView Connector - How to get debugging information for validation operations

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, SAP
  • MarkView Version: All Connector Versions


  • When an invoice is processed by MarkView Connector, a work item will be created in the Connector Validation workflow.
  • A number of validations will be run on items in this workflow in order to derive some data, and to confirm the data related to the work item is correct and complete, before the invoice is actually created in the ERP system.
  • In some cases it is helpful to have debugging information regarding which validation operations were run on a given work item, what data values they used, and what the validation's result was.
  • This information can be gathered via the following steps:

For Support Tools 8.x and higher:

  1. Open MarkView Home, select the Support menu, and click the Connector Entity Debug Data link to open the tool.
  2. Enter either the work item instance id for the Connector Validation work item OR the Entity ID for the Connector Entity, and then click Run Query.
  3. Detailed information about each Connector validation run on the entity will be displayed. Click Save to File in order to save the output locally. 


For Support Tools 7.x and lower: 


Note: If you are running MarkView 8.x or higher and you have Support Tools 7.x or lower installed, you should upgrade your Support Tools to the appropriate release for your MarkView version! These releases are available via the Quick Links article. Instructions below can be used to generate the Connector validation debug data in releases prior to 8.x.

  1. Ensure that the CONNECTOR_DEBUG_MODE preference is set to TRUE. If this preference is set to FALSE, no debug logging will be recorded when the validations are run. If the preference is set to TRUE at the time that validations are run on the work item in question, then it will be possible to obtain debugging information for those validation operations.
  2. Generate a work item history for the validation work item and get the value for the EntityID from the WorkItem Properties section.
  3. Run the following query to gather all debugging information related to the Entity:
SQL> select to_char(i.creation_timestamp, 'mm-dd-yyyy hh24:mi:ss'), o.operation_name,
od.sequence_number, od.debug_message, i.structure_id
from mvcn_operation_debug od, mvcn_operation_invocation i, mvcn_operation o
where i.operation_invocation_id = od.operation_invocation_id
and o.operation_id = i.operation_id
and i.structure_id in (select structure_id from mvcn_structure connect by prior
structure_id=parent_structure_id start with structure_id = (select root_structure_id from
mvcn_entity where entity_id=&entityID)) order by od.operation_invocation_id, od.sequence_number;

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