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MarkView Connector - Kofax Capture Integration

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, SAP
  • MarkView Version: 6.5 and higher


What integration points are there between Kofax Capture and MarkView, how do these integrations work, and how can I troubleshoot KC->MV integration issues?

Known Causes

In troubleshooting integration problems with MarkView and Kofax Capture, it is important to understand the mechanisms that are used. Using this information, the point of failure can be determined, and the root cause can then be identified.

Overview of Process

  1. Documents are scanned via Kofax Scan or captured via Kofax Import Connector. If the document is scanned, the MarkView Scan Panel is used to look up barcode properties.
  2. The documents are associated with the appropriate Batch Class (MarkView Invoice for KTM documents, MarkView Document for documents that will not be processed by KTM).
  3. The MarkView Workflow Agent will process batches whether they are scanned or captured via the Kofax Import Connector.
  4. The batch will be processed through Batch Manager and will ultimately get to the Export queue. At this point, the Kofax Export module uses the MarkView Export Connector to export the documents to MarkView. The MarkView Export Connector makes calls out to the MVImportAPI, which is responsible for communicating with the MarkView database and uploading the images via the MarkView DTM.


  • Debug can be enabled for MarkView Scan Panel. See Steps to enable debug panel for Scan
    • If there is a problem that prevents the document from exporting:
      • The first thing to look at is the error in Kofax Capture. This can be found by looking at the History in the Properties for the batch or by looking at the displayed error when the batch is opened in Quality Control.
      • The MVImportAPIConfig utility should also be checked in order to confirm that all settings are correct and that the database connection can be made.
      • The most common issue is that the Kofax Export failed while attempting to upload the images. If the MVImportAPI is configured correctly, the next step is to check the mvdtm.log in order to see if the DTM encountered any errors. The access.log for OAS or Weblogic should also be checked to confirm that the file POST request was received and to see what HTTP code was returned for the request.
      • It is sometimes necessary to preserve the XML and TIFF files that are exported from Kofax Capture. Steps to do this are given in Kofax Capture - Enable debug mode to capture the TIF and XML data from KCEC-MarkView

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